Intrusion Detection

Fiber optic intrusion sensing provides continuous, easy to install intrusion detection for pipeline and power cable rights-of-way or secure sites and buildings.

  • Is there activity around the asset?
  • Where is the activity?
  • Is this activity a threat to safety or operations?
Intrusion Detection

The sensor is a standard single mode fiber optic cable, sensitive along its length to pressure from acoustic signals. It is not affected by weather or light, providing the perfect complement to other surveillance techniques, such as cameras and UAVs. Each interrogator can monitor up to 50 miles (80 km) of sensing cable 25 miles (40 km) in each direction with the interrogator in the middle), detecting intrusion to within a few meters. Digging, walking, crawling, tapping and interference can be deduced from the acoustic ‘fingerprint’.

Fence mounted

The sensor is woven into the fence and detects climbing, cutting or lifting. If the sensing cable is cut, an alarm is signalled, and the system continues to monitor up to the fiber break from each side.

Buried sensor

The fiber optic sensing cable is buried in the area to be monitored. It can be placed in the trench above a pipeline or power cable, or in a micro-trench alongside a fence or boundary. Invisible, it detects walking, digging (e.g. construction) in the area around it, identifying and locating potential threats to the asset.

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