About Us

About Us

 Marmon Sensing Solutions is service within Marmon Engineered Wire and Cable (EWC), dedicated to providing Marmon EWC Companies with expertise, support, installation and commissioning in the field of fiber optic and other sensing and monitoring technologies.

Our mission

To provide customer value as an integrator of specialized cable products and services that optimize capital asset management.

Marmon EWC comprises 15 world class cable manufacturing companies and 1,775 cable specialists employed worldwide and growing. The group offers tremendous breadth of product offerings, advanced R&D and continuous innovation. We partner closely with our customers to develop the right products for their mission-critical industrial applications.

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Marmon Engineered Wire and Cable specializes in the design and manufacture of cables for harsh environments and are technical leaders in Engineered products resistant to the effects of extreme temperature, radiation, moisture, corrosion, chemicals and other hazards.

Marmon EWC is a member of the Marmon Group and a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

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